General Information

Pine Orchard’s General Information

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Pine Orchard Security Car

The Pine Orchard Association employs an outside security service called MVP Security.
They patrol the entire neighborhood 365 days per year. Please call 911 in the event there is an emergency. If you would like to let security know you will be out of town or have another sort of general inquiry, you can reach the officer on duty at 203-444-2316


Pine Orchard Union Chapel
If you wish to inquire about booking the chapel for a wedding or some other event, please call Nancy Wheeler 203-488-9667


Young’s Pond
Young’s Pond is a park located in Pine Orchard. It is a dog-friendly park with hiking trails and ball fields. If you would like to inquire about using reserving the ball fields or booking the park for a special event, please contact Ken Graham 203-481-7469


Pine Orchard Yacht Club
Although not affiliated with the Pine Orchard Association, The Pine Orchard Club is a private club located in Pine Orchard. For more information, please visit



General Information

Pine Orchard is a small community of just over 300 households on the Connecticut shoreline in the Town of Branford. Pine Orchard is nestled between its shoreline neighbors (also in Branford) of Hotchkiss Grove and Stony Creek. The borough has its own taxing authority and its own zoning authority. The Pine Orchard Association Executive Board is composed of 12 elected members, who are all residents of Pine Orchard. The Board works to ensure the safety, beauty, promotion and careful development of the borough. The Board’s responsibilities are more fully described in the Pine Orchard Association Charter and Bylaws.

The Pine Orchad Association Executive Committee 2011-2012


President – John Donegan

Vice-President – Jennifer Aniskovich

Treasurer – Stacy Ruwe

Clerk – Eric Hanson

Executive Board Committee Chairmanship Term Home Telephone
Jennifer Aniskovich By-Laws/Security 2012 203-483-9280
Vining Bigelow Waterfront/Assoc. Property 2013 203-483-0605
Kenneth Graham At-large Member  2012 203-481-7489
M. Joseph Canavan Zoning/Security 2014 203-483-1917
John Donegan President 2014 203-488-3631
Eric Hanson Clerk 2014 203-488-1025
James Kaiser Roads/Public Works/Fire/Website 2012 203-481-3876
Debra Lintern Tax Collector 2013 203-208-0924
Stacy Ruwe Treasurer 2012 203-488-1411
Greg Stak Litter Control/Dog Warden 2014 203-488-5498
Donald Patenaude At-large Member 2013 203-488-6145
Charlie Shelton, Jr. Planning 2013 203-488-7593

2010-2011 Zoning Board of Appeals

  Term Phone
Arthur Knowlton, Chairman 2014 203-481-9987
Sigvard Hallgren 2010 203-483-9064
Kathleen Greenalch  2012 203-488-5276
Jeanne Hughes 2014 203-481-7404
Jeremy Zimmerman, Secretary 2013 203-481-8561

Alternates: Marshal Gibson, John Dendas, Thomas Gagliardi

Breakwater – Mooring Master, Vining Bigelow, 203-483-0605

Zoning Enforcement Officer – Bud Beccia, 203-483-1268

Pine Orchard Association Office – 180 Pine Orchard Road, 203-488-5180

Security Car – Cell Phone Number: 203-687-0165